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I love words, they have the power to heal, inspire and bring about change. As a public speaker I donít take my task lightly, I know there is power in words, even more so when they are spoken by someone on a stage with a microphone. My mission is to create safe and sacred space for myself and others to think and act in new ways. Public speaking is one way I live that mission. Every speech is a chance to make a difference in the way someone views life, especially their own life. I use words to empower and uplift. I firmly believe that I am here on this earth to reflect back the magnificent potential we all posses. If some one leaves one of my talks with a new perspective or idea, empowered and ready to take action to do life in a new way, then I have done my job. 

As the keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Denver Racquet for the Cure, C A, a breast cancer survivor, presented a lively, amusing and provocative speech. We laughed and we wept -for her struggle, for her motherís struggle, for the struggle of other survivors and those who have succumbed to the insidious disease of breast cancer. C A kept the attention of all. The next day the final matches were held. I found remarkable the number of times that someone, Pro and amateur, referred to something C A had said the previous evening, she obviously touched hearts and provoked thought. 

That in itself makes C A Crossman an effective orator.Ē 

Kathy Martinez, Organizer, Racquet for the Cure Denver Colorado


My topics include:


Itís Not How Cancer Changes Your Life

Itís How Your Life Can Change Cancer

What are the three ways you can make a difference

to a life affected by cancer, including your own?


Uncovering Your Gifts

the Universe doesnít make mistakes at the gift registry

itís time to start using yours!


Dancing Through Life With Spirit

how ballroom dancing can teach you to navigate

the crowded dance floor of life with ease and grace


Get Out of the Mess and Into Your Life

put transformational organization to work for you


Or we can discuss the challenges or celebrations

facing your group

and Iíll design a talk just for you!


ďAs a speaker, CA Crossman truly engages her audience with her inspiration and her energy. Her concepts bring fresh perspectives to trite adages preserving their wisdom and taking them to new relevance. She stimulates others to really see a new view with personal meaning of significanceĒ 

Barbara Conroy, founder Career Connections




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