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Right in this moment-


Are you ready to step out of your life 

and back into your Self?




The greatest gift we can give our self and others is time to step out of our life and back into our Self. We get so caught up in a world that says everything must be done fast, must be done now and must be done perfectly, that we lose sight of our inner wisdom and joy. Too easily we forget that today may be all we have. Finding time to acknowledge our blessings allows us to tap into the guidance and wisdom always available. From a place of peace we can then move forward with grace and flow, savoring the journey and the adventure.

The retreat process allows time for connecting, sharing and healing. Unlike workshops or other forms of group gatherings, retreats focus on being and becoming. Learning occurs because the body and mind have space and place to listen, so wisdom arises naturally. 

Self Care is a major part of the retreat process. Reconnecting with our bodies inner rhythm and truth. Taking time to rest, nap, move and give attention to the body that always responds to your needs when asked is a luxury for which we seldom make time. There are 8,760 hours in a year doesn't your Self deserve a few? 



“I loved the way you set the atmosphere of sacred space by closing the door, having us pick a quote to contemplate, and then enter quietly. It said to me, "step out of your everyday world into this special space I have created for you."


Awaiting you on retreat-

Time to unwind and let go

Space to reconnect with your Self

Place to connect with others

Thought provoking questions to open your mind to new ideas

 Rituals to return you to sense of wholeness

Luscious food to feed your body and nurture your soul




“Thank you for a wonderful evening, so loving, caring, and sharing. It was truly enjoyable. You put much effort and great creativity into it - it certainly gave us a great start into 2005.”