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As a Horse Trainer, I learned a lot about shoveling, an invaluable tool for helping my clients dig themselves out from under years of “shoulds” that bury their dreams.

As a Retail Store Manager I learned that my store was only as good as it’s weakest employee therefore growing people is the best way to grow a business.






As a Writer and Artist-

I understand how difficult it can be to focus and take action when the creative juices are flowing. Working with a coach keeps you on track and in line with your values and needs. The accountability factor cannot be discounted! Knowing that there is someone who cares whether or not your choose to do what you say you will is a huge motivator and tool for attaining your aspirations and goals. I also write an E-Letter dedicated to finding ways to enjoy the times of your life TODAY.




"During our coaching sessions I feel like I have been driving through a tunnel and suddenly I see the light ahead. Your clarity helps me evaluate where I am and where I am heading. Thank-you for a powerful and transformative experience”  S.R. Writer, NM



As a Retreat Leader-photo by Melissa Salas Santa Fe NM

Although I no longer work one-on-one with clients, I use the skills I learned  as a graduate of Coach U to create retreats that support people in creating lives they love. I find the process of retreat, with time for renewal, prayer, solitude and group interaction is the perfect vehicle for my life mission of creating safe and sacred space for myself and others to think and act in new ways. I try to make daily time to retreat, it is vital for bringing balance into my varied and creative life. As a Retreat Leader and mentor to other Retreat Coaches,  cannot say enough about the valuable process of stepping out of your life and getting back in touch with your Self. I love witnessing women stepping out of their lives and back into their own wisdom as they take the time to breathe, listen and share with each other. Magic happens in retreat! 




"It is amazing how we don’t take the time to reflect and enjoy life. I am proud that you have created a retreat that has such an impact on life. Four months later I still feel the impact on mine. It was one of the most enjoyable, gripping, memorable evenings I have had in years. Gripping is a word I used a lot when I was a NY theater columnist, but it isn’t a word we often use in life. You really have a gift for creating a fun, safe, comfortable environment filled with stimulating activities and foods and you actually make us think differently about our lives and our selves while also building harmonious bonds with each other and all of humanity.” DF Santa Fe




As a Public Speaker-

I not only inspire with passion, humor and authority; I provide tangible steps the audience can take to begin having the time of their life, today. On the path to living our mission, the time comes when it is time to share what we have learned and lead and support others in their path. Public Speaking is one of the most fun and rewarding ways I found to share my passion and wisdom with the world. 




"CA provides a strong message of personal empowerment with practical steps for moving off "stuck" in one's life and business.  She has a natural gift for shifting perspective through storytelling that is totally engaging and wildly hilarious." Gail Larsen, Founder, Real Speaking